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Mutewatch Review

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Since Patek Philippe created the first wristwatch in 1868 the watch has developed not only into a fashion item but a status symbol. A watch apparently says a lot about someone. So what does the Mutewatch say about you? Tech Geek, fashionista, technophile.


For this reason let’s firstly examine the Mutewatch’s looks. We had the pure black edition as seen in the pictures which is probably the colour I would go for if purchasing the watch myself. The watch is certainly a stylish piece of kit. Very sleek lines coupled with a subtly designed silver clasp. I certainly received a lot of comments about the watch whilst wearing it out and about. The unique and modern design does have an initial appeal that’s pleasing on the eye. 



This should be where the Mutewatch should come in to its own. It’s odern design and tech facing target market would point to a feature packed gadget.

As the name suggests the Mutewatch’s main feature is its mute alarms. Up to 5 alarms can be set including other features such as a timer. Rather than an audible sound the Mutewatch uses a vibrate feature to alert the user of the alarm. Users can choose between short vibrations or long ones which require the user to tap 3 dots on the screen to turn the alarm off.

Personally I found this the Mutewatch’s strongest unique selling point (design a close second). I found I could set myself reminders throughout the day that would discreetly notify me even in a meeting.

Overall we were a little disappointed with its lack of features even if its mute alarms did, in part, make up for it.


Build Quality

The Mutewatch is certainly packaged stylishly: a nimble box with all the required cables and documentation to get you up and running. The finish of the watch at first seems to be fairly good quality. The materials used for the watch itself are a little plasticky but facilitate its futuristic ‘one piece’ look.

The clasp seems to be fairly well finished and the silver looks the part with the pure black model. However the press-stud clasp seems more of an afterthought than anything. Wearing the watch daily I found that it often came unclasped far too easily.

We’ve also been told of reports that the watch does wear quite easily. But ours only showed a little after a few days use.



The Mutchwatch is certainly a desirable watch. Not taking price into consideration I’m sure everyone would love one. The looks are stunning and it certainly is unlike anything else on the market.



The Mutewatch is a great piece of kit. Although it might be lacking in a few features it more than makes up with it in style and substance. The build quality isn’t great but you don’t buy designer shoes because they’re the most hardwearing, do you?
So if you’re looking for a stylish watch unlike any out there. Don’t let the hefty price tag put you off.
So going back to our original question: what does the Mutewatch say about you? Trend setter.
We can’t wait for the second incarnation of the mutewatch.



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